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Package Contents:
1, FDCV1-A Controller

1, 9, Cable With Float Switches.

5, Year Warranty.

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Fill & Drain Controller

Ver 1.0 A


The FDCV1™ Is a Mission Critical Fill & Drain Controller
For 1-100 Plant sites.            MADE IN USA


  • The FDCV1™ can be used to upgrade your current CAP Ebb & Gro,
    Sentinel Ebb & Flow, Titan Flow-n-Grow, GH Hydrofarm, Diy-ed System
    or Use our Controller with Any of there Expansion Packs to create your own.


  • After Hearing Many Complaints About Other Controller Brands Failing
    It was Logical to Develop a Controller that could Upgrade Current Setups
    To Mission Critical Status or allow building them to be cost effective
    aswell as Eco Friendly, Why create a whole new system when the only
    problem is our competitors Controllers, and not most of there “Buckets”


  • Designed as a Mission Critical Device, Thus not failing until Rated End
    of Life and not fail to operate during minor non-optimal conditions. The
    Controller is the Heart of the System and that is why we offer it as a
    standalone for use with current systems Plant Site Containers.
  • Mission Critical = It is critical to the 'mission'. “Plants Living”                                     
    Failure will result in the Death Of Plants.                                                                                                                                                        

IE Failure IS NOT AN OPTION!              

  • Controller is mounted on a wall away from the water in the controller bucket
    with a 9.5’ Cable that can be extended to 75’ As most controller buckets end
     up not being easily accessed, so you may easily change your fill times.
  • Built in Surge Protection Circuit, Visually Indicating Active Surge Protection.
  • Indicators Indicate Current Cycle (Fill or Drain) & Actual Pump Status Within  
    Each Cycle So you can see what cycle your in aswell as see if the Pump Should  
    |be active if you are experiencing a problem. Other controllers don’t do this.
  • Analog Circuit Design, When Lights, Pumps, AC Etc cycle on/off they create surges
     that can fault digital circuits. Although Digital Circuits can be more accurate
     they are more susceptible to voltage fluctuations.
  • Full Circuit Protection
    3 Breakers, Ensure fault is stopped as close to the source to not damage controller,
    That are Spec’ed to provide Protection to controller a yet also not be under-sized.

2 Replaceable fuses (Timer, Transformer), Allows to be Field Serviceable. *(These should never Blow)

8 Self-Resetting Fuses (Indicators and Switches) allows minor faults to not full fault unit.

All Components surpass all Codes and engineering guidelines. PCB is Coated with a
*Explosive-Proof, Thermally Conductive Epoxy (MG 832TC), Thus ensuring Longer
Life from the Components.

  • Full Five Year Warranty on FDCV1™ Controller & Cables.

  • Optional Warranty Upgrade Option With Next Day Delivery, If you ever have a warranty
    Problem, We can overnight a new controller and then you can ship you defective unit back.

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply In:120 Vac
Pump: Not Included
(2) Via Aqua 306 or DM FP-250 DMFP-190
Minimum Fill Time:1 minute
Minimum Drain Time:1 minute
Max Amperage: 3 Amp, 250 Watt ea Pump,  *5,000GPH
Warranty: Full Five Year Warranty on FDCV1™ Controller
, 1 Year for Pumps.
Package Contents:
1, FDCV1-A Controller

1, 9, Cable With Float Switches.

5, Year Warranty.

Invented & Fully Designed By Thomas Ordon Of TLO FDC IP HOLDINGS, LLC
(Personally Bringing 25 Years of Analog Circuit Design and 15+ years in Digital,
Thus Knowing when and how to use each technology without comprising Life or Reliability)



 Upgrade the controller of any one of these or build your
own system with our Controller & there Expansion Packs

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, LLC Is Licensed To Manufacture, Market, Distribute, Warranty, Etc the FDCV1™
Fill & Drain Controller Version 1.0 ~ FDCV1™  ~ PCB © 2010 ~ Patent Pending TLO FDC IP Holdings, LLC
All Product Images, Copyrights, Trademarks are the Property of the Respective Owners.






First Lest Answer the Question what is Fill & Drain, Flood & Drain, Ebb & Flow?

  • Very Simply Put the Plants roots are in a  Soil-less media Either Clay Pebbles or Silica Rock in a Container or bucket that fills up with Nutrient enriched water and then drains a few times a day, this gives the roots the optimal Nutrient uptake and aeration to the roots thus providing explosive growth and yield.

Ebb and flow

Segments Below are From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation, and low initial investment, while providing the advantages of hydroponics. Also called 'E&F', it is a system of arranging pots filled with inert media which do not function like soil, contributing nutrition to the plants; rather, the medium anchors the roots and functions as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients as the hydroponic solution is alternately flooded and allowed to ebb.

Principles of Operation

E&F utilizes the fact that the solution is not left in constant contact with the roots of plants to avoid the need for oxygenating or chilling of the solution; instead relying on characteristics of root function to provide passive oxygenation at a high level; which tends to suppress pathogen growth.

Fill Cycle water is pumped to the Controller Container from the reservoir and flows into the plant sites the fill pump will cycle a few times until all plants have a equal water level thus. Submerging the roots in Nutrient enriched water.

Drain Cycle water flows back to the Controller Container and is pumped back to the reviver, the drain pump will cycle a few times until all water is removed.

Aeration in Ebb and Flood Systems

Aeration of an Ebb and Flood system is an important aspect of its operation; automatic displacement eliminates air which has been de-oxygenated by the roots as the water rises to its highest flood stage; when the pump turns back off, gravity pulling the water back downward re-exposes the space around the roots to atmospheric pressure, which re-fills the voids in the medium.

Ebb and Flow hydroponic systems are also quiet, while using less power than other hydroponic systems which means that they can be used in environments where acoustic signature and excessive plumbing is objectionable, such as residential or classroom applications where space is at a premium.

Troubleshooting  Guide


Do not operate unit if Surge Protection Indicator is not on!

This Units Surge Protection Will Fail in the Safe Position. Thus No longer providing Surge Protection


If No Indicator Lights are On Reset Breaker ON Left Side of Unit.

If Pump Indicator Lights but Pump is not Working Reset the Breakers On Right Side of Unit.


If Surge Indicator Is On and neither Cycle indicator is On, Replace Transformer Fuse.

If Surge Indicator & Drain Cycle Light  Is On and Timer is not  Switching Cycles  Replace Timer Fuse.

Replace Internal Fuses with Identical Fuse only. All Other Fuses Are Non Serviceable Self Resetting.




This Product is not currently UL Listed, Buyer and or User assumes all responsibility Including installation, use and accepts all Liabilities..



All Fill & Drain Controllers use a Logic Based Program to activate the pumps at the right times and levels.

What makes the FDCV1™ A Mission Critical Device and Thus A superior Device when compared to our competitors?
(We don’t go over the same thing over and over, so all information is worth the read, we will keep it in lamens terms.

The FDCV1™ is an Analog Based Circuit to control the Filling and Draining of your Plant Sites. (Analog If Then, Logic Program)

All of our Mainstream competitors use a Digital Based Circuit, PIC, Basic Stamp ETC (Program written to a IC to provide a Digital if then, Logic Program)

While Both work well and have there own benefits and drawbacks, sometimes Analog or Digital Circuits Provides Reliable Option over the other.

Here is the benefit vs drawback of digital vs analog in this Particular circumstance (Fill &Drain Controllers) vs our competitors.
This is The inventors Personal Opinion, our competitors are not wrong they have there own opinions.

The drawbacks of analog,
Higher Cost to MFR (Analog is more expensive to assemble than Digital SMD)
Less Power Efficient than digital (not even Pennies a month)
Larger Footprint (printed circuit board)

The Benefits of Analog.
Can Withstand more voltage fluctuations from Mains to Pumps (Power Surges from Lighting, Fans, AC)
Proven Technology 99% of our components have been commercially available for 10-20+ years Thus Proving there Reliability.
There is no program to be lost or corrupted from Power issues or other faults.
Can Be 100% Field Serviceable with local sourced components (worsted case scenario)
Can be built as a Mission Critical Device. *(FDCV1™ is)

The Drawbacks of Digital
Requires Proper Power Supply (To Provide Clean Power to the Digital Circuits)
Extremely Susceptible to Voltage fluctuations from Mains to Pumps (Power Surges from Lighting, Fans, AC)
The program can be lost or corrupted from Power issues or other faults.
User can not reprogram if program faults nor service device.
Can NOT be built as a Mision Critical Device. Unless a Redundancy circuit is built in aswell as a way to switch over to the secondary system. Our competitors do not have this)

The Benefits of Digital.
None for use as a fill drain controller. Its mission is to critical to rely on Digital technology that can fail when there is analog technology that can provide the same results with reliability proven)


TLO FDC IP HOLDINGS, LLC , ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, LLC  reserves the right to modify the design, construction and

Appearance of its products without advance notice.


All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner.


The FDCV1™ is warranted for Five years against defects in workmanship and materials when used for their intended purpose and maintained according to instructions.


This warranty is limited to repair or replacement free of charge.
Damages due to accident, misuse, tampering or lack of prescribed maintenance are not covered.


If service is required, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the FDCV1™.

If under warranty, report the model number, date of purchase, serial number and the nature of the failure.
If the repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be notified of the charges incurred. If the instrument is to be returned, first obtain a Returned Goods Authorization Number from the Customer Service department and then send it with shipment costs prepaid.
When shipping any Device, make sure it is properly packaged for complete protection.

A few Pictures of our Unit (shows the Surge Protection, 2 user replaceable fuses aswell as the analog circuit)


R&M Supply CAP Ebb & Gro Controller Box and Circuit.
FDCV1™ Inventor Remarks:
Simple Power Supply (not recommended in this application)
Circuit is not fused at all.
Very Simple Surge Suppression  protection (Solid State Relay *White IC) can Fail From Surges from Mains and Pumps. also can dump program from chip
Does not Protect from all surges only minor ones.


A few Pictures of Other Power supplies for Digital Circuits.
Notice they have surge protection and Devices to regulate the Power going to the device. (this is not found in the above circuit)



FDCV1 Up Close and Personal







FDCV1 Youtube Videos
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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, LLC Is Licensed To Manufacture, Market, Distribute, Warranty, Etc the FDCV1™
Fill & Drain Controller Version 1.0 ~ FDCV1™  ~ PCB © 2010 ~ Patent Pending TLO FDC IP Holdings, LLC
All Product Images, Copyrights, Trademarks are the Property of the Respective Owners.